Sab. Jul 13th, 2024

Located in the heart of the center of Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel has charming modern architecture. This strategic place is close to Singapore’s famous tourist area, Universal Studio, with a distance of about 10 minutes. If you are one of the tourists that want to try the facilities with an affordable budget. Here is some information for you.

Marina Bay Sands

Try Not to Go During the Holiday Season

In most tourist hotels, there are some price differences. Prices during the holiday season or high season are more expensive than the regular season or low season. Therefore, you can save more if you go before or after the holiday season. In addition, you can be more flexible if you do not in the holiday season. It is because generally, destinations are quieter, so you can enjoy your vacation more.

Bring Laptop and Cellphone If You are on a Business Trip

Cell phones and laptops are objects that should not be left behind when you decide to work while on vacation. Make sure the laptop is in good condition, and you don’t leave it anywhere.

Using a laptop or cell phone makes checking work easier on the sidelines of vacation time. Don’t forget to bring a charger, which is laptop support equipment, so that work activities on the sidelines of the holiday run smoothly.

Get Some Complete Facilities and Services

The hotel can provide supporting facilities for you such as coffee breaks with snacks. So, not only dinner or lunch is prepared, but also a more refreshing side dish or drink.

However, that’s not all because the swimming pool and gym are ready to fulfill your free time. The swimming pool does not mean you have to swim because it is enough to just enjoy the view from the edge of the pool, your mind will immediately feel clear.

Take the Advantages of Ease of Booking Hotel

Young children, even parents, want a hotel with a simple and hassle-free booking system. So they can make bookings via their cellphones and internet connections that are already available. What to do is also easy, but must be according to careful planning and consideration of vacation. Young people can save pocket money or the budget they bring.

You can also get special discounts, called Epic SaleIt is a discount of up to 80% that can make your budget more affordable. It is because the discounts are offered for your flights, hotels, and also Xperience. So, it is very helpful for your trip.

Enjoy Tea Time Menu

Unlike the types of dishes on the luncheon and dinner menus, the dishes on the tea time menu are lighter. Dishes that are included in the tea time menu are usually complimentary snacks for afternoon drinks. The dining time between lunch and dinner hours will be filled with a tea time menu. Dishes included in this menu are pastries, salads, ice cream, sandwiches, and a variety of cold and hot drinks.

The conclusion is Marina Bay Sands is a great place to stay. You can get a good experience there as a solo traveler or group traveler. Enjoy your trip and plan your schedule.