Make Time for Love - Pocket Watch Necklace

Price: $45.00

Gunmetal pocket watch casing, lined with aged ivory sheet music from the 1930's and loosely set inside are 4 type writer keys to move freely inside the casing. This romantic piece symbolizes the link between love and time.

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I have taken a gunmetal pocket watch casing and lined it with a circle of aged ivory sheet music from the 1930's. Loosely set inside the casing are four typewriter keys, L, O, V, E. They move freely within the pocket watch casing and will rearrange when shaken! I have finished the piece with a heavy antique brass chain that hands around 28 inches long, made from mismatched circular rings. The necklace is meant to symbolize the link between love and time. Whether it means a love of music, making time for love, or that love is as timeless as music, all I hope is that this piece means something special to you.

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